Meet the Team

King Hamm

It was the sound of organized patterns and vibrations that molded him into the man that he is today. King Hamm is the love-child of soul and hip hop with a little bit of realism sprinkled on top. He grew up in the small town of Carrolton, Georgia.

Like so many of us, Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Growing up in his household: radio was favored over television. From early on, he learned of the marriage of both words and music. It was his introduction to hip hop that officially made him a musical junkie. It stated with Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”. That was the song that made him realize, not only was he a man, but a melinated king. It was all of those ingredients mixed together, his brain was sparked. King Hamm began to dream of the possibility of a career in radio broadcasting.

It started with him staying home one Friday night instead of going to the local football games. Friday night football was a highlight in his childhood. He stayed home one day and listen to the radio. By the time the night was over, King Hamm plugged a microphone into one of the speakers and began imagining that he was a DJ. That moment, a radio personality was conceived. After that one night, he began practicing his skills. He would make show tapes for his mother. She was his biggest cheerleader and supporter. He would make her laugh with several radio personalities that he created. Even though it was just him on the tapes, it sounded like he had a studio full of people.

His passion began to fade slightly as he went through his teenaged years. He was still connected to music, especially hip hop of the 90’s. King Hamm still insists today that that was the best era in hip hop music. The Rat Race of life and fresh adulthood is what took his focus from radio. With the birth of a premature baby girl in October of 1999, Fatherhood and family became his new focus in life.

Flashing forward to 2008, King Hamm was at a crossroads in his life. He had just broke up with his wife of 11 years. He had to learn to separate himself from that partnership. King Hamm had to learn what his fire and passion was all over again. He regrouped and went to stay with his brother in South Atlanta for a while It was there that he began to get himself back. The idea of radio made its way back into his life while he was doing some web surfing. He literally stumbled across this site called Blog Talk Radio. He then seen a link to become a host of your own show. From there, the rest was history. King Hamm broadcasted the first episode of “The Kings Hour” on November 29, 2009. That show was more than just a hobby. He lived out a piece of his childhood dream. It was radio that brought the king back and restored his sense of purpose outside of being a devoted father.


BlaqKharma was born in the small, rural town of Whiteville, North Carolina in the mid 80’s. She first moved to the city of Atlanta at the age of three. Atlanta served as an authentic reminder that there was more to life than the dilapidated slave shacks that decorated acres of fields back home. She obtained her love for music and poetry at a very early age. It’s just something about fusing beautiful melodies, high hits, and powerful words.

BlaqKharma  always wrote short stories as a little girl. However, she didn’t begin to take writing seriously until she reached the age of 11. For years, she kept the works that she wrote in her notebook to herself until a friend urged me to compete in a high school talent show. That was the first time she ever took the stage and commanded with her words… She won third place that night. Before graduating high school, BlaqKharma competed and placed in several more competitions. Shortly after  graduation, she began production on her first project. A  spoken word album entitled: “Shadowstonez and Cloudy Water”.  She soon shelved  the project shortly after it’s completion due to personal reasons….

In 2007, she began hosting her first open mic once a month at Urban Grind Coffeehouse in the city of Atlanta (West- Midtown). She held down that spot for 3 years, walking away in 2010. During her time hosting there, she also recited her poetry several times on “The Quiet Storm” radio program then hosted by Joyce Little on Atlanta’s  V-103 hip hop and R&B radio station. She has used her gifts for several community outreach projects as well. She began hosting her second open mic in Atlanta’s historic Sweet Auburn District (W.E.R.D) at the Madame CJ Walker Beauty Shoppe and Museum.

BlaqKharma is still furthering her career in hosting, music, and journalism. She is the co host of “The Kings Hour” radio show  alongside King Hamm. In addition to co hosting The Kings Hour, BlaqKharma is the mastermind behind Kharma’s World, a site dedication to entertainment, news, and health. When she is not working on Kharma’s World or The Kings Hour, she is usual making music and connections. Her 3rd studio project (The Wraith)  is slated to be released in March of 2013.  She will also be launching her own show, “The BlaqHour”, in January of 2013.


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